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About Salvia Source

Salvia Source is an online community primarily focused on the cultivation of Salvia divinorum. Here you will find grow guides/tips/techniques, plant images, grow logs, legal information, current research, discussions, and a live plant shop. The purpose of this community is to spread and build upon information concerning cultivation and more on Salvia divinorum. The information on the site is continuously updated by our contributors.

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recycled SalviaSource members, call in!
August 28, 2015, 03:12:33 pm by Zaro
Hello everyone! I apologize for the hints of news and delay, I want to start this off in the right way. Smiley

After some negotiation with the creator of SalviaSource, Known as Paradox, We have come an agreement and on august 20, 2015 Mr paradox has transferred the domain and web files over to me. Three days ago SalviaSource has been transferred to our new server and after some DNS/install problems during the transfer, SalviaSource has become fully operational and independent!

With access to the database and files i am first focusing on removing the spam infestation that has continuously disrupted this forum, I'm also going to be evaluating a lot of this website and the direction i would like for it to grow, I would like for this community to grow towards becoming a place of worldwide refuge for artists, Philosophers and explorers. Your participation is needed and we eagerly invite everyone from the old to new, Potential members, Guests and affiliates alike!

We have much to consider in terms of software. Currently SMF 1.1.15 is too dated and SMF, MyBB and others are in the process of re-visioning themselves in their latest updates, This will play a direct impact on the direction i am able to take with SalviaSource. I would like to expand the site to be more mobile friendly and to possibly have a live chat, an improved gallery, wiki-like site functions for knowledge and information, Places for collaboration, user-made plant shops or trading, Blogs & home pages for the sharing of experiences, knowledge and art. These are just a few of the ideas and there is much more to consider. Not all of them will come to fruition but i am interested in exploring the possibilities of them all no matter the size.

I need to get an idea of the member base still active here, Please call in and post your thoughts on this, I am also making myself more publicly available for contact, Feel free to PM or Email me at and i will get back to you as soon as i can, Cheers!  Wink

I have removed the spam, it made up about 300MB out of the total 684MB database size, I have also updated the forum software to 1.1.21 for now.
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recycled SalviaSource Revival
February 16, 2014, 07:14:57 pm by Zaro
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xx Please donate to keep Salvia Source alive!
July 20, 2011, 07:34:15 pm by Paradoxic
Hi everyone,

Ever since the site stopped selling live plants I, the webmaster Paradoxic, have had to pay money out-of-pocket and volunteer a significant amount of my time to keep the web site running. Right now I am in need of a small amount of money in order to keep the site up and running smoothly. One of the costs is web hosting and domain fees. As of right now the only source of income for the website are the Google Ads which do not bring in a significant amount of money, not even enough to cover web hosting. So I am paying almost everything out-of-pocket and as a full-time student with only a part-time job this is a significant expense. On top of web hosting I must volunteer my own time to maintain the site which can be quite time-consuming. This involves updating the forums, keeping the anti-spam software updated, keeping the website free of malware, and making other kinds of software updates. All I am trying to get through the donations is web and domain hosting covered and hopefully a little compensation for my time. Please help me to do this by making a small donation. If I end up getting enough money in donations I am more than willing to remove the Google Ads.

When you donate at least $5 you will get a special seal that will be attached to your profile (it will be shown below your avatar) that corresponds to how much you donated. I'm still thinking of other benefits to give to people that donate. Any benefits that I come up with will automatically be applied to the accounts of anyone who has donated before I added the benefit so please don't wait to donate. Please suggest benefits if you have ideas (send me a Private Message).

Donate now
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xx Salvia Source will NOT CLOSE
April 05, 2011, 04:11:40 pm by Paradoxic
Hi everyone,

First I want to apologize for my neglect of this web site over the past year or so. As a full-time student with a job I just dont have enough time to properly attend to this site.

However, I can assure you all that Salvia Source is not going anywhere. I will put some time into the site as soon as I can find it to fix the database issues. The site should be OK for the time being so please continue to use it.

Check back for more updates.

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September 03, 2008, 10:29:54 pm by Paradoxic
Ok I got the entire legal watchdog section up for all 50 U.S. states! Each state has its own page with the latest information on Salvia's legal status in that state.

Also there is a list of ways you can take action in that state. I set up the section to allow for users to collaborate and organize action in their states. Every state page also has a link to send the page to a friend which I strongly encourage you all to make use of.

Each state will [eventually] have an Action Leader who is in charge of keeping the information up-to-date and also spearheading action in that state. We only have action leaders for CA and MI so far so we need more. If you are interested in being an Action Leader please post a reply to the topic for your state.

In the future I plan to create a similar section for other countries around the world, but I need someone with knowledge on the legal systems in those countries. So if you have any information that might be of help please post it.

Please make use of this new section and don't hesitate to suggest ideas for improvement. Check it out:
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Check the legal status of Salvia divinorum in your state and find out ways you can help keep Salvia divinorum legal.

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